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Learn how to design beautiful WordPress websites, drive traffic to your website and brand your work after.

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Welcome to Full Stack Marketer
Welcome Video =)
11 mins
Course tips
RESOURCES: Welcome Section
Welcome Video Slides
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How to keep track of your accomplishments
SPEED | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original
How to gain control of your free time
T-Shaped Skills
How to Sell a Small Business Owner on a WordPress Website
Why are websites important?
11 mins
What's WordPress & Why Should I Use it?
4 mins
WordPress.com v WordPress.org
7 mins
How to find and land clients
20 mins
RESOURCES: How to Sell a Small Business Owner on a WordPress Website
Resource Links
Why does my business need a website?
5.06 MB
What's WordPress & Why Should I Use it?
698 KB
WordPress.com v WordPress.org
18.6 MB
How to find and land clients
22.6 MB
What to do once you sell a website
What questions should I ask my new client?
13 mins
RESOURCES: What to do once you sell a website
Resource Links
What questions should I ask clients? (Video Slides)
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Prepare to Build Your Website
How to create your brand style guide
27 mins
Outline your site and page layouts
29 mins
RESOURCES: Prepare to build your site
Resource Links
Brand Style Guide Video Slides
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Page Layouts Video Slides
4.03 MB
Platforma Wireframing Kit
27.5 MB
Setup your site
Choose a domain name, hosting provider & WordPress theme
15 mins
Your WordPress Dashboard & Plugins
7 mins
Pages + Menu + Theme Options
29 mins
How to build your pages
52 mins
RESOURCES: Setup your site
Resource Links
Setup WordPress Slides PDF
8.73 MB
WordPress Dashboard Cheatsheet
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Your WordPress Dashboard & Plugins Slides PDF
1.21 MB
Build and design your site
SEO your site
21 mins
Deliver your site back to your client
8 mins
RESOURCES: Build & design your site
SEO your site slides PDF
5.81 MB
Deliver your site back to client Video Slides PDF
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Welcome to Section 2: Learn content marketing
Preface to Marketing
What is a marketing funnel?
The 4 Main Stages of the Marketing Funnel
Content Marketing Overview
What is content marketing?
Why content marketing?
Content Marketing Process Overview
What tools do you need to start?
Project 1: Create a Content Marketing Strategy
Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing
What do I include in a content marketing strategy?
How to document your strategy (Template + Example)
Content Strategy Template + Example (Google Doc)
Can you teach writing?
What is good writing?
What makes a good writer?
What makes content go viral?
Headline Resources
Read these gems.
The 18 Best Writing Tips You'll Ever Read
Why you need to read, and how to do it efficiently
The Most Powerful Writing Voice for 21st-Century Content
Effective Blog Content
How to Write Phenomenal Blog Posts in a World Full of Average Ones
How We Ranked for a High-Volume Keyword in Under 3 Months
Here's the real reason no one is reading your content
Content Types
Listicles: What makes a good listicle? Hint: These 4 elements.
Ultimate Guide
Case Study
Original Research and Insights
Competitive Analysis
Opinion / Rant
How to Generate Content Ideas
Blog Visuals
Blogging is More Than Writing: Image Tips
The Job of an Editor
Qualities of a Good Editor
How to Give Good Feedback as an Editor
Editing Tips
What Makes a Good Editor (Part I)
What Makes a Good Editor (Part II)
What Makes a Good Editor (Part III)
The benefits of blogging for *you*
The benefits of blogging for *your client* (AKA How to sell blogging as a service)
Niche Blog Opportunities
Do both.
Project 2: Spearhead a blog.
How to develop a blog theme
Lay the foundation for your blog strategy
How to Structure Your Editorial Calendar in the Age of the Topic Cluster Content Model
How We Built a Unique Content Strategy For 4 of Our Clients
How to Create an Editorial Calendar That Will Streamline Your Content Strategy
How I Increased Traffic by 29% in 1 Month
Editorial Guidelines Template
Buyer Persona Template
Pitch Template
Groove's Journey to $100k in Monthly Revenue eBook
20.4 MB
Personal Branding
The Brand Called You
The Definitive Guide to Personal Branding
The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

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